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Oil Water Separator

Oil/Water Separator

Under the Clean Water Act, it is illegal to drain oily compressed air system condensate into the ground or waterways. Violators of this act may face stiff fines and even jail terms - no slap on the wrist. In addition, many lenders are requiring environmental audits before granting loans to companies or allowing ownership transfers.

Van Air oil/water separators are designed to separate the oil from compressed air condensate, including that discharged from after-coolers, separators, drop legs, coalescing filters, and compressed air dryers. Van Air oil/water separators rely on a simple principal - that oil floats on water. To verify that our method of operation will work in your application, take a sample of your condensate from the location where you are considering installing the oil/water separator. Put the sample in a clear jar. The following day, check whether most of the oil has risen to the top. If it has, Van Air has the solution for you. (If the oil has not risen to the top of the jar, you may have an emulsion and one option is to change to a different lubricant in your compressor.)

Features and Benefits

Oil Water Separator
  • Small footprint
  • Water sampling valve for determining when to replace element
  • Pop-up indicator alerts when the element becomes saturated
  • Conical filter design allows for easy element replacement
  • Pressure relief chamber prevent emulsification of oil and water
  • 5-year warranty
  • Models available for air flows 100cfm and higher


Apply to any condensate system where oil removal is desired

Optional Accessories

  • Unit heater for ambient conditions below 40°F
  • Test kit
  • Condensate manifold connecting up to 3 units
Oil Water Separator